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Sleep Deprivation and Driving

I used to get very concerned about sleep deprivation and driving when at night, Sam would fight to breathe, Sam’s wife states. “He even used to fall asleep as he drove, which truly frightened me.”

Sleep Deprivation and Driving

An Australian researcher corroborates her concerns. “It varies from feeling intoxicated while driving, when your responses might be sluggish, states Dr. Ashleigh (Fitness of the Monash University Accident Research Centre). “If you have really dozed off while driving… you will not brake at all.”

Diagnosing the Problem

Sam ailed from sleep apnea; this state deprives the body of oxygen for a lengthy span of time in the course of sleeping. When an individual with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) dozes off, the back of the throat and tongue relax.

With the passing of air, the relaxed tissues vibrate and this leads to the sound of snoring, which is greatly recognizable. If it not stopped, the continuous shaking will lead to inflammation of the airway, causing a further barrier to the already thin opening.

Many times, breathing is going to discontinue for some seconds leading to elevation of blood pressure and disruption of sleep.

Effects of OSA

Among OSA symptoms are possible dilapidating decline in everyday operations and a raised danger of stroke, high blood pressure and death. This may be caused by either accidents or occur in the course of sleeping.

Being drowsy in the course of the day makes individuals afflicted with apnea at high danger of dozing off while driving. Individuals suffering from sleep apnea have a five times higher possibility of being involved in road accidents.

Effective Treatments for OSA

In a lot of instances, the answer to OSA and the issues regarding security and health related to it can be easy. A tiny oral piece of equipment fixed by a skilled dentist is an answer to OSA which is devoid of pain and is suitable. The piece of equipment is the same as a mouth guard (sports) and is mainly non-invasive.

It operates by relocating the lower jaw as well as tongue and making it steady. In many circumstances, it avoids the soft tissue from resting inside the airway.

Treatment Offered by Dr Brown

Dr Brown, who is a dentist, is skilled in making a diagnosis and applying oral pieces of equipment. In addition, he works in collaboration with medical experts who make a diagnosis of breathing which is interrupted by sleep.

This treatment can be discontinued and operates in combination with other treatments for OSA if necessary. Advancement is meticulously observed as every patient’s airway varies and needs small adjustments to fit the arrangement of the teeth and bone.

Positive Outcome for Sam!

“In the course of the initial month of making use of the dental equipment, I noted a big improvement in my level of energy and life quality!” he states. “My wife is ecstatic as I no longer doze off soon after dinner.” he goes on. ‘Now we are able to actually enjoy being together.”

Many medical insurances and Medicare cover Oral Appliance therapy.

Are you or someone you know having issues with sleeping or potential sleep apnea? If you said yes, then we invite you to call: (951) 695-6269 for a consultation.  We also invite you to visit our Dental Assistant School in Temecula.