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Sleep Apnea – Are You at Risk?

“I really had to push myself in the morning as I was so tired” says Connie, a retired nurse. After waking up with chest discomfort and elevated heart rate, Connie visited the hospital emergency, where she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. The cardiologist suggested that Connie should get a sleep study to check is a sleeping disorder has led to her atrial fibrillation. “I had wondered in the past if the morning headaches and fatigue I had was from sleep apnea, but did not realize that atrial fibrillation could also take place from sleep apnea,” she states.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

When an individual with OSA, also called as Obstructive Sleep Apnea falls asleep, the back of their throat as well as the tongue relaxes. The relaxed tissues pulsate as the air passes, making more of a snoring sound. If allowed to continue, the repetitive vibration will cause the airway to swell, further obstructing an already narrow opening. Generally, breathing stops for few seconds, causing the blood pressure to rise, and eventually interrupting sleep.

It is Just Snoring or Something Serious?

It has been stated by the American Heart Association that sleep apnea is not just snoring. If left untreated, the condition can lead to serious cardiovascular issues.

Best Solutions To Consider

The best solution to Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the health issues that accompany it can be just in most cases. A small oral appliance, fitted by a professional dentist, is a convenient and painless solution to OSA. The device is very much like a sports mouth guard, and is largely non-invasive. It works by stabilizing and repositioning the lower jaw and tongue to prevent the soft tissues from relaxing down into the airway.

As the cardiologist advised Connie, she looked into several treatment options related to OSA. ‘I read about the oral appliance and also heard stories about people who were too claustrophobic to wear the CPAP, and then decided to eventually opt for the oral appliance. After I got my sleep apnea treated, I noticed an immediate difference in my energy levels, and then it became a lot easier for me to shed excessive weight.’

Professional Assistance Can Help!

Dr. Pat Brown, a professional dentist who administers oral appliances for sleep apnea, works closely with medical experts who identify sleep disordered breathing. The dental device treatment is reversible and works in conjunction with the other OSA therapies, if required be. Dr. Pat Brown along with his staff is committed to effective treatment. Progress is carefully monitored as each patient has a different airway, and requires minor modifications to fit the teeth and bone structure.

Connie states that treating her sleep apnea has completely changed her life! People often live with discomfort, weight gain, snoring, and tiredness as they have no idea that treating their sleep apnea can actually change their life! The oral appliance therapy is covered by most of the medical insurance services as well.

Struggling with restless sleep, snoring problems or potential sleep apnea? If so, we invite you to visit Sleep Apnea Temecula or Call us at (951) 695-6269 for a consultation.

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  1. Shawn P. says:

    I was having issues sleeping and I got it checked out. Thanks for helping me figure out what has been causing me to get little sleep.