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Sleep Apnea – Children and Why it is Important

Children need to start understanding the importance of sleep and we as parents need to help them understand. It is very critical that we avoid sleep apnea children need sleep for physical and psychological development and everyday functioning.

sleep apnea children

During the formative years sleep is important to children. However, in recent years, researchers have confirmed the importance of sleep in a child’s growth and development is very critical. Here are some of the most important things to happen to children who go without adequate sleep:

  • prone to accidents and injury
  • less motivated
  • argumentative
  • hyperactive
  • more inattentive
  • impulsive
  • less mentally alert
  • less resilient

Normally when sleep is compromised school performance, memory consolidation and the ability to learn all diminished. Children feel stress, have a really poor outlook, engage less and have less than normal physical activity when they don’t get enough sleep.

In a recent Sleep Health journal Dr. Max Hirshkowitz said “To improve sleep health, we must refocus our lens. Awareness and education are the key. Teaching sleep health in grade school, along with physical and dental health, is one step.” What this truly shows is the need for sleep education for our children. Here are but a few reasons why children need to be taught about proper sleep:

  • Sleeping less than 8 hours increases risk of accidental falls in children.
  • Sleep education can improve academic performance.
  • Sleep problems in children may lead to substance abuse.
  • Even minor sleep loss impacts a child’s brain processing.
  • Regular bedtimes during early childhood influences children’s behavior.
  • An adequate bedtime schedule could help prevent depression in children.
  • Sufficient sleep in childhood may help prevent obesity.
  • Screen time robs a child of the sleep they need for growth and development.

When we take care of our children and they learn about the importance of sleep, we can really help provide a generation of children who are not suffering from sleep illnesses. After all, no child’s  healthy sleeping habits are expendable.

Are kids or someone you know having issues with sleeping or potential sleep apnea children? If you said yes, then we invite you to email or call: (951) 695-6269 for a consultation.  We also invite you to visit our Dental Assistant School in Temecula.

One Response to “Sleep Apnea – Children and Why it is Important”

  1. Megan S. says:

    My child was not doing so great in school until I got him checked out by a sleep specialists. Now my child is paying attention in class all because of proper sleeping habits. Thanks !!!